Hiring a virtual assistant needn’t cost the earth and will save your business money in the long run!  Depending on your requirements  you can pay an hourly rate, or we can agree a project based fee; alternatively if you’d like a regular arrangement, a retainer fee might suit you best.


My hourly rate is £30, and I track my time, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.  I will provide you with an invoice giving a breakdown of how much time is spent per task.

By Project:

For a more complex project or task it may be sensible to set a fixed price after discussing the scope of the work, particularly if its event based and if there’s pre and post-event admin work.  If you let me know your budget we can take it from there.


If it suits you to employ my services on an ongoing basis then we can agree on a retainer fee for a set amount of hours a month. I keep track of my time, and let you know when we are nearing your budget limit.

Virtual Note Taking Rates:

Please contact me to discuss rates for virtual note taking, which is a specialised service.

How we can work together

Providing you give me a clear brief of what services you require and the time frame in which you reasonably expect them to be achieved I’m confident together we can make it work.  Everyone works differently and one of my strengths is the ability fit seamlessly in with the way my clients operate. The best thing is to give me a call or email me and we can have a chat about what you need and take it from there.

Visit my ‘Contact Me’ page, drop me an email or give me call. If you are located in my region I’m happy to meet face-to-face initially and then we can proceed virtually!